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About Us

From the depths of Ayurveda, Swaarnim brings you ancient secrets of holistic well being. Backed by science and curated with love, Swaarnim's range of Ayurvedic products bring the goodness of nature into your life. Established in 1985 by Dr Virendra Jain, an Ayurvedic expert on Cow Urine Therapy from Indore, also famous as Jain's cow urine therapy, Swaarnim NaturScience has more than 10000 patented Ayurvedic Medicines and Health supplements. Apart from giving you alternate medicine treatment, Swaarnim provides personalised wellness customised to suit your lifestyle needs and help you heal inside out. That's why Swaarnim is more than just backed-by-science but is the revived Ancient SCIENCE OF LIFE.

Why Us

Swaarnim's Ayurvedic products are curated with intricately assorted organic ingredients and natural herbs, wholly vegetarian to support Vedic life choices. Each formula is thoroughly tested by our scientists and Ayurvedic experts, helping you revive healthy cellular function, heal chronic diseases and complement a healthy lifestyle. Packed with holistic nutrition and blessings of Mother Nature, our products enhance your stamina & immunity, help you fight lethargy & lifestyle diseases by detoxing your gut, building a healthy heart, improving your sleep cycle, and relieving stomach issues. It also heals chronic diseases with personalised Ayurvedic treatment for critical health issues. Altogether, it helps you lead a happy, wholesome, healthy life. Ayurvedic health supplements and treatments by Swaarnim are curated to support a healthy life in Vedic style. High in nutrition and rich in micro complex minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, omega 3-6, daily vitamins and antioxidants, our ancient healing recipes help you in a wide range of health problems; from weight loss to dull skin, cardiovascular support to building immunity, in detoxing the body to reviving lung or liver function. Swaarnim's Ayurvedic treatment also helps you manage chronic diseases better, such as cancer, lung fibrosis, TB, PCOD, Endometriosis, Kidney stones, Liver malfunctions etc., combined with your current allopathic or homeopathy treatments.

Ancient secrets backed by science

Charak Samhita, the most quoted text of Ayurveda, pre-2nd century CE consists of eight books and one hundred and twenty chapters. The definitive evidence of formalised Ayurveda as a science of healing is attributed to be more than 3000 years old. But we believe before even being formalised in text, Ayurveda's roots go back to more than 10000 years. आयुर्वेद or Āyurveda translates to knowledge of life and longevity or the SCIENCE OF LIFE. When Dr Virendra Jain embarked on this healing journey, he went back to the basics of our roots. In addition to helping people lead a healthy life, his sole motive was to help others cleanse mentally and spiritually to heal inside out. He wanted to give this 'secret knowledge of complex and ancient herbs that defy the logic of modern science' a 20th century's picture with vigorous research, scientific testing and experimentation to revive Ayurveda in our age. Hence all our products contain potent patented formulas backed by science. Before making any claims, we make sure all our treatments or products have been tested to meet your expectations. That is what makes Swaarnim an Ayurvedic brand with an edge. We are not just backed by science, but we are THE SCIENCE OF LIFE.

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